Welcome to Circa Photographics, Ltd.

At Circa Photographics, Ltd. we are a producer of fine press photographic art books and sculptures in very small handmade editions. These limited-edition photography books are uniquely made and are essentially available once in a lifetime.

Our fine press books are uniquely handmade and have been limited to 60 numbered copies worldwide. The design of this once-in-a-lifetime photo album uses a traditional black paper, which can incorporate over 800 individual images, each with their own caption.

One of our more highlighted photographic albums, American Icarus: A Life in Snapshots, captures the life and struggles of every major political event that transpired from as early as 1910, including historical events that include World War I, The Great Depression, World War II and life during the Vietnam War.

In 2011 we were the proud recipient of the Gold Medal for Outstanding Book of the Year in the Most Original Concept category from the Independent Publishers Book Awards, which is the largest and most prestigious book awards competition in the world.  

We are currently working on a new fine pressed limited edition project and invite you to continuously check back to receive updates and more information about our new and exciting project.

To learn about the publishing and fine press photographic art books that we offer at Circa Photographic, Ltd. contact us today and speak with one of our helpful representatives, who will be available to assist you.