About Circa American Icarus: A Life in Snapshots

In 2006, we were able to obtain a photo album on eBay by chance. What was discovered in this album was the records of an aeronautical engineer who has pioneered the design and development of heavy-lift airframes during the mid-20th century.

Circa Photographics, Ltd., has spent countless hours of research, that lead to numerous dead ends to obtain over 800 individual and unique photos that outline “Walter” and three generations of families, which show their struggles and life during major political and historical events.

Removed from the history of aviation, this once-in-a-lifetime photo album has withstood the hands of time and a mysterious warehouse fire that destroyed many priceless schematics and files.

60 years of radical aircraft designs and three generations of family experiences are carefully portrayed in this amateur family snapshot album, showing the complexity of life during the mid-20th century.

Along with “American Icarus: A Life in Snapshots”, there is the ability to purchase a rare, stainless steel and aluminum model aircraft. Each one of these aircraft models are embedded with solid gold or platinum propellers. These were obtained from an old abandon garage in Dayton, OH.

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